How can I volunteer?


  • Attendance to the following are recommended prior to volunteering: weekend retreat, freedom class, freedom conference, online trauma class, and personal interview by Retreat Director

  • Background check and completion of volunteer application

  • Retreat Director approval is required for the safety and emotional well-being of our volunteers and guests


“I am a testimony of one who survived the trauma of child sexual abuse and struggled with rejection and shame my whole life. Years of striving and feeling trapped in broken cycles had taken a toll on me. Through prayer, study of the word of God and lots of support, I was able to receive healing in areas of my life that had chained me for so long. Of course, I want other women to experience freedom from the past and the joy of today!”

-Kris Barnes, CSA Survivor & Hope Thrives Retreat Director


How can I donate?

3 ways to give:

  • One Time

  • Recurring

  • Softgiving (e.g. donate your change)